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Aviation Graphix have just updated the listing for our Boeing 757 exterior technical marking kit.

This kit now comprises nearly 600 decals, printed on high-grade aviation vinyl with U-V protective coating, and comes packaged into aircraft zones for ease of application at aircraft side.

If you would like to view the catalogue, complete with images, for this product, please contact

We will be happy to quote you a very competitive price on this item too.

Aviation Graphix

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Can you produce interior placards to custom specifications?

Our interior placards all conform to industry standards, but at the same time each airline has the flexibility to make its interior signage complement the aircraft's interior design. We have made customised interior placards for many different airlines, adjusting background colours and fonts to match exactly with each customer's specification. Our manufacturing team will take your drawings and make them a reality. Talk to us today.

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What about standard Airbus and Boeing part numbers?

Aviation Graphix have a vast catalogue of industry approved interior and exterior signage products. Each is given its own Aviation Graphix part number; usually this is stamped onto the part itself for identification purposes. Normally we will match the Aviation Graphix part number with the aircraft manufacturer's own part number and provide an interchangeable alternative. Alternatively we can manufacture the part exactly to customer requirements, complete with the customer's preferred reference number stamped onto the part.

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Standard exterior tech. kits aren't clearly visible on our liveries. Can we change them?

Our livery design and layout team has a great deal of experience providing tech. marking kits that conform with all safety guidelines. In cases where, for example, the fuselage colour prevents the decal from being visible, we can provide an alternative that provides complete conformity, either by changing the print colour, putting a print border around the text, or printing onto a different colour background, whichever is appropriate.

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How do we know exactly what is contained in, for example, a standard 737-800 interior kit?

Before you purchase the full interior (or exterior) kit, we can provide you with a specification document detailing exactly what placards or decals are contained in the kit, and in what quantity. Part numbers and images are included in the document for easy identification. Each kit covers a standard aircraft in most of its possible configurations; for example a Boeing 737 Next Generation interior kit (for series 600 through 900) allows for four lavatories, four passenger doors, four emergency exits and upto 189 passenger seats. Configurations outside of these are easily accomodated by specifying your requirements to our sales staff upon ordering.

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What large format livery manufacturing systems do you have?
Aviation Graphix can produce paint spray masks to any size. Our large format plotters and advanced layout software mean that we can cope with livery designs of any size or any degree of complexity. Similarly, we can produce large format vinyl wraps in any colour or set of colours. Each livery is hand finished and inspected thouroughly as part of our quality control procedures. We can also manufacture large format printed vinyl for marketing wraps on fuselage or tail, with visually stunning results. All materials used in the manufacturing process are fully tested and approved, and have been successfully used in many installations.
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Can you support our design team or paintshop in livery development and application?
We frequently work with livery and graphic designers to produce a product that looks good on the aircraft, not just on paper! Also we have close working relationships with several painting and maintenance facilities, so we know that what we produce is going to be usable on the production line. If necessary our team of technicians can be hired to complete the installation on-site, or used as a consultancy service. Call now for more details.
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